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Noto No.7

Noto Notebook by paper republic of Vienna

Product description:

  • 135 mm x 195 mm (5 1/4 inches by 7 1/2 inches)

  • Luxurious handmade cover paper, stencil-dyed in Japanese family-run mills. Each cover is unique and might therefore differ from the pictures on this website. To guarantee its authenticity, the cover has not been plastified. Take care of it!

  • 96 pages of Munken Pure Rough, a natural, creme writing paper crafted by Arctic Papers in one of the best Swedish paper mills. FSC-certified, without optical brighteners, it has a 100 g/m2 paper density with 40% extra-volume – in other words, it is perfect for all kind of use, including sketching and writing with a fountain-pen

  • Sewn-binding (no glue!) by traditional bookbdinders in Budapest - the notebook to always open flat.

  • Crafted in Japan, Sweden, Austria and Hungary

Our Price: £16.00

Customer Reviews

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Anne W-South Cumbria-2 Stars

I have always been delighted with all the brands sold here (and I have a few) BUT sorry to say I am very disappointed with this notebook. It is expensive for what it is. Although the cover has an interesting,natural matt texture, the colours on mine are deep burgundy and black - nothing like the delightful magenta and blue I expected, and it is quite a slim book. I will be limiting my writing to ballpoint or gel rollerball since my best fountain pen, with an extra fine nib, displays a small degree of ink-bleed and shows through to the other side of the paper. I was hoping for so much better.