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Going on Beyond

Dissolving Obstacles in the Dance of Life
At Paperblanks® they believe that the simple, crucial act of producing books makes them part of a circle in which new realities can be born. Evolving from perception to fact, fact to truth and truth to reality, they experience an expansion of consciousness. “Who Am I” is the focal question of their Going on Beyond series. They have chosen images and words that honour the intention of reader and writer to move beyond perceived limitations, within and without, into a reality that expresses the joy of interconnectedness. It is in this space of authenticity and openness that we are truly able to go beyond mind. Inspired by ancient, contemporary and indigenous wisdom practices from various cultures that express the aston ishing power and intelligence of the heart, these journals hold a space for transformative experiences. Through expressions of creative insights, sacred knowledge, sentiment and cognition, we invite you to explore the dimension of intuition not bound by time and space, paving the way to joyous living in restful awareness.